about us

about us

Kerzen Laedl is an online retailer specializing in the sale of plant wax candles.

Founded in 2015 as a "second pillar" alongside the main profession, we now devote all our attention, knowledge and expertise to this business. Candles have always been part of our lives and it is nice to let candles define our professional life.

At the beginning of 2016, the decision was made to create a new candle. A light that should fulfill all our expectations. 100% soya wax from GM-free cultivation, with cotton wicks and scented additives from essential oils. In addition, the whole should also burn soot-free. In the selection and processing of candle containers, our creativity should also play a role. In short: It had to be something special.

Of course, there are candle waxes that insist on their reputation for "sustainable" from plant or animal raw materials. Palm wax, which is extracted from palm oil, is at first glance a renewable and sustainable resource. But what is being done to preserve this palm oil? It is, especially in Asian countries, large-scale tropical and rainforests cut down to establish oil palm plantations. As with the oil palms, more and more rainforest has to give way to the cultivation of soybeans. The demand for these raw materials is unbroken.

More and more stearin candles are coming to market in Europe. Stearin is a wax derived from vegetable or animal oils. The vegetable part is again palm oil. Although stearin and palm wax give a beautiful structure in a cast candle, it was not an alternative for us for the reasons described.

In search of a soya wax that is really grown and processed sustainably, we came to a producer who lived up to all our expectations. It is a farm in the Midwestern United States, which grows only soy as a catch crop and this is also processed only for the candle wax production. The wax is said to be the best soybean in the world as it is grown sustainably and genally, grows on the best soil in the world, and gets its pure white color through multiple filtration.

We also tried with the wax that there is to buy in Germany. Already when melting, an unpleasant smell rose to our noses. It really could not be working with this material. Even after the addition of the fragrances, this mixture still smelled very strongly of the typical odor of the soybean wax. A well-known producer of soya wax candles in the USA ultimately gave us the decisive impetus and opened up access to their suppliers. The joy was great when this collaboration came about. Not every manufacturer gives its sources price.

With the knowledge that we had to acquire, after about one and a half years, we managed to develop a series of candles that met our expectations. Visually appealing and pleasant in the scent, our candles are everywhere in the spot where people live and work who want to create a cozy atmosphere.

Lilygardencandles - It's no coincidence that this name comes for our candle series. As a screen, we planted years ago along the fence, different colored tree lilies. These giant plants, with their large calyxes, not only delight us, but also many passers-by who pass by us. Some have also fallen in love with our lilies, they have to come back in the dark to take some Blumenstangerl.

Here are some pictures of our beautiful lilies.