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scents wish list


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To make it easier for you, we have listed possible fragrances here. The fragrance that interests you and you would also buy from us, you just need to check off. Sending the form does not commit to anything. But it helps us decisively in the expansion of our fragrance range. You can also send us certain fragrance wishes by email. We buy our essential oils only from a US-American perfumer, whose offer is very large, but we get only certain oils here in Germany. Since these are natural essences and extracts from them in Europe are quite under protection of species or could touch spies on these products.

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Sweet milk chocolate flavor with vanilla and cream, seduces your senses.
A fresh, spicy scent of citrus fruits combined with notes of clove and hints of cranberry.
A truly unique fragrance. It starts with notes of bay leaves, oranges and lemons, followed by spruce, pine and clove. It is rounded off with aromas of eucalyptus and amber.
A soothing fragrance that has a wonderfully classic scent reminiscent of sangria. A pure pleasure for your senses.
A clear, sensual scent with top notes of anise, ivy, purple flowers, iris, vanilla, praline, vetiver and musk.
Pull up a chair and sit down next to the crackling log fire for a while ......... enjoy and relax. This fragrance is destined to become your favorite! He fills the whole house with its rustic and warm scent of smoldering firewood. Not just a hit for the cold season!
Deep herbs, green scent. Earthy and calming. A very good mix to stimulate and increase your concentration after a hard day.
A delicate tropical fragrance blend of gardenia fills your rooms with this aroma.
A light, crisp fragrance with a sweet splash of juniper and citrus.
A perfect blend of fresh, vibrant notes of grapefruit, bergamot and fresh, soft flowers. Take your time and sit back, enjoy the emotions of this heavenly fragrance. The perfect gift for someone you like.
A nice, balanced blend of lemon grass with an extra helping of fresh lemons. Stimulating and strengthening the mind.
This fragrance takes you on a journey into the lilac wonderland ........ intoxicating aromas of freshly picked lilacs you will encounter with this candle.
The seductive scent of fresh maple syrup is in this candle. Warm, sweet and spicy ...... simply delicious !!
A fruity, warm and sweet blend of ripe pomegranates, juicy pear, rose, mango, raspberry rind, musk and spicy wood tones. Warming and encouraging, especially in the cold season.
A sweet smelling scent reminiscent of hyacinths, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine mixed with subtle herbal and musk notes.
The name says it all! Sweet potato battered with rich brown sugar and a fragrant spice mixture topped with roasted pecans and baked in a buttery crust. A wonderful fragrance throw that makes every home warm and inviting.
In the spirit of joie de vivre and good humor, you will encounter a sweet, cheerful and lively aroma of the wild cherry. Enjoy the day !!!
A super sweet banana treat !! A smooth, creamy and perfect banana - colada cake, fresh from the bakery. Fantastic!!!
This delicate, floral creation emphasizes the beautiful scent of a lily, cleverly blended with fresh green and citrus notes.
Two classic scents resonate in sweet harmony.
This melon has just the right maturity, with the perfect blend of sweetness and fruit - bringing summer to your home, even in the cooler and darker seasons!
A well - known favorite fruit combination of sweet, fruity and sparkling fragrance flavors. Ideal for the whole year.
A unique, exquisite blend of notes of tropical kaffir lime and its leaves blended with delicate nuances of white lilies. Complex and still creates freshness!
Creamy vanilla cheese cake with a perfect crust meets ripe, red and sweet strawberries. Just delicious!
A sweet and light blend of strawberries and creamy vanilla with a pleasant scent.
The sweet smell of Grandpa's pipe! This rich blend of tobacco is perfectly blended with a touch of sweet cherry.
Creamy vanilla with a hint of lime.
Winter forest with hints of sweet raspberry, pine and spruce.
Culinary sweetness of redcurrants, plums, cranberries and orange.
Warm scented experience of Granny Smith apple with cinnamon and clove.
Sweet berry mix of blueberries, raspberries and cherry.
A fruity, aromatic and floral fragrance.
Relax at home with this light and spicy fragrance. Notes of bergamot and grapefruit entwined with leafy green figs, sandalwood, tobacco leaf, and tonka bean. A sophisticated and elegant scent that is sure to be a favorite year round.
Enjoy the calming smell of fragrant fresh cut roses with hints of lemongrass, fern, and amber. It's sure to be a hit for spring and summer.
This fragrance is sure to bring you to your very own tropical paradise! Sit back and enjoy the fruity and tropical smell of orange, red apple, and raspberry mixed with bergamot and sugarcane.
Fresh bergamot and maritime chords are paired with the deep, mesmerizing glow of incense - inspiring and seductive
Mossy summer forests with spicy barks, for a romantic experience ... natural and soothing
First class and the wonderful and relaxing aroma of black ginseng
Inspiring aromas of bergamot, sea salt, sage, jasmine and lavender, mixed with amber and cedar, invite you to cosiness.
Fresh, crisp apple, dipped in sticky caramel .... very tasty and captivating at the same time. A fragrance experience that melts the senses.
A fragrance that makes men's hearts beat faster. Delicious, exotic flavors of perfume, spice, flowers and ginger mingle with this sophisticated and decadent blend.
A sweet, warm scent, just as fresh from the oven. Notes of sugar, carrots, juicy pineapple and vanilla blend with cardamom, cinnamon and cloves.
Luxurious, beautiful and balanced. It contains notes of lilies and jasmine, musk and tonka beans to create this excellent fragrance experience.
The smell of freshly cut wood gently blows around your nose. Ideal for the cold season to warm heart and home.
Shimmering cool water, sugary citrus fruits over warm amber. Simply cozy and suitable for Christmas.
A fantastic and warm fragrance that reminds of grandma's kitchen ....
A strong and warm sweet cinnamon fragrance with a woody undertone.
Ripe red cranberries combine with the famous almond liqueur. Once tasted, you are fascinated !!!
A soothing blend of bergamot, rosemary, and cardamom with a subtle hint of lemon and green
A blend of a floral lily bouquet, wild violets, exotic sandalwood and Egyptian musk. A seduction of your senses.
A refreshing, modern blend of lavender with a variety of fresh flowers and warm spices.
A wonderful aroma of pine and evergreen woodland enchants your home and brings a natural touch.
Pull up a chair and sit down next to the crackling log fire for a while ... enjoy and relax. This warm and rustic fragrance is destined to become your favorite!
A touch of cream adds a velvety smoothness to this classic vanilla bean fragrance.
Enjoy the scent of freshly cut roses and a hint of lemongrass, fern and amber. He does not just fit in the spring.
An upscale, culinary adventure. Fresh ginger slices mix with juicy ripe figs. A must in every candle collection.
A sweet, nutty aroma that lifts the spirit and enchants you. Just enjoy, and relax and count on your candles collection.
A very sophisticated fragrance with aromas of sweet honeysuckle, juicy ripe pear and botanical notes. You will surely love that !!
Intoxicating, deep, exotic and sensual mystic .... you do not have to say more about this mixture !!
This is an ultra sweet grape fragrance, as if you're stuck in candy. Enjoy a glass of Merlot and let the day fade away.
This fragrance is reminiscent of a juniper forest covered with the first winter snow. The ideal companion in the cold season.
Graceful and invigorating is the fresh scent of lavender, as we all know it from the garden.
A great scent with notes of fresh herbs, citrus and spicy olive. Complex and sophisticated.
A luxurious blend of flavor components created to smell like MAGIC.
A warm, sweet and spicy smell of brown sugar, cinnamon and biscuits pulls your nose as if you just baked fresh cookies.
This fragrance takes you on a journey amidst olive trees ready to be harvested. In the middle of a set table, on it a bottle of freshly pressed olive oil, white bread and white wine .... pure enjoyment.
The popularity in the world of candle scents. An earthy, woody and warm blend of musk and frankincense.
An exotic blend of plumeria with notes of berries, clove leaf, jasmine, rose and warm musk.
A super fragrance blend of ripe pomegranates mixed with bergamot, tropical mango and juicy peach.
A warm scent of notes of pumpkin, exotic spices, toast and freshly baked cakes goes through your house and makes you dream.
A warm scent mixture of pumpkin - pudding, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger. Heart-warming and simply a pleasure !!!
That's the way to start a day ... with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. A robust aroma of vanilla, cinnamon and hazelnut moves through the rooms and enchants you.
A perfect and extraordinary summer blend with the scent of over - whipped cream - vanilla - ice cream. A smell to fall in love with !!!
A four-poster bed of fresh rose petals, pure, sweet and luxurious. Harmonizing and balancing.
The scent of rosemary essence is austere and clear, uplifting and invigorating in the sense of the Ylang principle. Fresh and stimulating notes of eucalyptus come together here.
A clean and sporty fragrance that creates an irresistible atmosphere for a successful day. Fresh and spicy.
A delicious, sweet scent of caramelized sugar, buttercream, rich vanilla, a touch of maple and a subtle touch of warm spices. Gorgeous !!!
Sandalwood has a very deep, slow vibration, and in conjunction with balsamic richness gives a sweet and woody fragrance. Warm, velvety, it gives you a state of calm and space.
Memories of the expanse of the ocean, turquoise blue water, and in the middle of a sand island ..... this feeling gives you this light, clean and airy fragrance.
This fragrance evokes memories of a holiday by the sea ... white beach, palm trees and pure blue water. Sea salt notes are combined with lime, iris and magnolia to create this marine fragrance.
Queen of the night ..... Southern jasmine mixed with floral accents gives a fascinating aroma. Like a sweet stream, it penetrates deep layers of the soul and opens locked doors.
This sweet and sparkling tangerine is devoured with strawberry and floral nuances and incredibly yummy. You definitely have to include it in your candle collection !!
A fragrance that the men will like too. A natural, sensual, subtle, pleasant and powerful fragrance of the vastness of Australia.
Woody aromas of white cedar trees mingle with notes of ginger, clove and cinnamon. Lingering undertones of soft rose and lily make this fragrance very cozy.
A coastal classic with coconut water, tangerine orange, rosewater and tonka beans arriving on a base of sun-bleached driftwood and citrus fruits.
A relaxing, soothing and warm blend of the delicate, sweet and herbal essences of white tea. Just let your mind wander and lean back.
A sophisticated, warm - sweet and earthy fragrance with woody undertones that is purely ethereal. Harmonizing and balancing on your mind.
A fragrance blend of fresh almond notes combined with ripe, juicy and sweet cherries.
An aromatic blend of apple - butter - caramel ... just fantastic. Nuances of fresh apples, frothy milk, sugar, caramel sweets, apple butter, nutmeg, vanilla and musk.
An unbelievably fresh scent mixture of sweet ripe bananas mixed with sparkling sweet kiwi's. It gives you freshness and good mood for the day.
Vanilla ice cream with black blackberries. A tantalizing blend of blackberries, raspberries, flowers, musk and vanilla.
The smell of freshly baked blueberry cake floats through the house and tickles your nose. A sweet, deliciously creamy decadence of Tahitian vanilla, butter, ripe blueberries and a crumbly biscuit crust.
As fresh and intense as a real cappuccino is the scent of this candle. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee with cream and sugar rises here in the nose and fills your rooms. Änderung vorschlagen Über Google ÜbersetzerCommunityMobil Über GoogleDatenschutzerklärung & NutzungsbedingungenHilfe Feedback geben
A fantastic, delicious scent flavor that adds to the cinematic feeling. Rich, fresh notes of popcorn mixed with a sweet buttery caramel flavor.
A luxurious blend of citrus, melon, champagne accents, pear, apple and musk, but much cheaper than the original.
A true culinary delight .... the scent of freshly baked cherry cake moves through your house. Just lean back and enjoy.
Get a piece of paradise home with this fruity - sweet scent mixture. Complex aromas of mango, fresh strawberries, elderberries, ripe papaya, vanilla, roasted coconut and a soft touch of musk, seduce your senses and never let go.
A warm, creamy blend of butter cream, vanilla with a hint of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. As delicious as a real eggnog .... you will love it !!!
A refreshing and sparkling fragrance blend for the balmy summer evening. Top notes of lime, tangerine, orange, lemon, guava nectar, strawberries, pineapple, vanilla rum and brown sugar.
A sparkling sweet seduction for the mind and the senses. A good combination of green lime, lemon peel, vanilla cream and pie crust. Enjoy a coffee and the day will be perfect !!!
Bubbly, juicy notes make this fragrance irresistible! He starts with top notes of juicy watermelon and grapefruit, followed by strawberries, melon, white lily, vanilla and fresh forest accents.
This blend will clean your house and help to relax your mind. It starts with top notes of delicious apples, raspberries, plums and sugar, combined with green notes of lavender, pear, eucalyptus and musk.
Imagine lying in a hammock on the beach drinking a fresh Mai Tai. A fresh, energizing aroma that awakens the senses and brightens the mind. An elevated and complex fragrance of notes of mandarin, redcurrants, strawberries, blueberries, watercress, palm leaves and musk.
CHEERS!!! This sparkling, fresh cocktail fragrance fills your entire home in no time. There are terrific notes of juicy limes and sugar, which are balanced with mint and rum. You have to try it !!
A feeling of heaviness overcomes you with this fragrance. Let yourself be carried away by notes of sweet jasmine, wild roses and violets with an enchanting mist of a tropical waterfall.
A tantalizing blend of wild berries and tangerines, wrapped in a flowery summer of gardenia, jasmine, roses and honeysuckle. Supported by notes of strawberries and raspberries, vanilla chocolates and soft woods.
WOW!!! From this wonderful fragrance you will be amazed and love him. These are fascinating notes of creamy banana pudding with vanilla waffles and a meringue bonnet. Pure pleasure, without calories.
This fragrance takes you on a journey to paradise, for deep-sea diving. A tingling, salty, fresh fragrance blend, which begins with notes of nectarine, bird of paradise and water lily and is mixed with passion flower, orchid and hyacinth.
A fresh - sweet combination of peaches, tingling lime, lemon and orange peel, perfect for your next party.
This fragrance is a refreshing melody of notes of grape, orange, lemon, lime, apple, pomegranate and blackberry. Accompanied by a light sound of sugar cane.
A true stress-reducing aroma. Here are nuances of flowers ylang ylang, jasmine, rose, carnation and a delicate touch of violets, on a bed of exotic woods.