On this page you will find general information on the use and handling of candles.

In addition, we give you important advice that you should pay attention to, especially when burning soy wax candles.

The wick of our soya wax candles, must be shortened to about 5 - 7mm before the first firing.

Make sure that candles are never burnt off unattended. Keep children and pets away from the burning candle. Never throw foreign objects into the liquid wax or flame. The location should be free from drafts and not near flammable objects. The distance to other burning candles should not be less than 30cm. Never place candles between shelves but always open at the top. Candle jars should always burn until the top wax layer has melted completely to the glass wall. When burning the candle, the container heats up very much so the risk of burns. Never place candle glasses on highly flammable or fusible surfaces as the container may become very hot. To delete the candle, please always use a snuffer. Candles should never be blown out, as the wick can burn out by blowing. Before lighting the wick should be shortened to about 7mm. If the wick slips, bring it back to the center of the jar.

When burning soy wax candles, you will notice some differences compared to conventional paraffin candles. The melting point here is very low, so the sun's rays can melt the soy wax. Never expose soy wax candles to the direct sun. If you come in contact with the liquid soy wax, it does not become firm again on the skin but remains in the oily state. To avoid unwanted stains on clothing and furniture, it is sufficient to clean your hands with soap and water. You can also massage it into the skin as it works like a cream. The pure soy wax candle is rather rare. Even if the wick forms "slugs". This "slug formation" is created by closures in the capillaries of the wick, the end does not burn properly and like a butterfly diverge. Especially with larger candles, with thicker wick thickness, this can be seen. This is not a hindrance to a good burning because the flame gets enough wax to burn. Soya wax contains vegetable acids that impair the function of the wick. This impairment could be counteracted with chemical additives, but is not done at Lilygardencandles because we absolutely do without chemistry. We even prepare the wicks we use ourselves and are soaked in pure natural waxes. We also refrain from coloring our candles. Color substances in turn contain a proportion of additives that are not natural.

What make our candles so special?

First and foremost, the quality of our candles plays a particularly important role. Already during casting, we calculate the casting temperature in degrees Farenheit, because this unit of measurement is many times more accurate. This is crucial, as the wax contracts strongly during drying and can produce very much unwanted air pockets at different temperatures. A wrong pouring temperature can be reached even at 2 ° Farenheit deviation! This pouring temperature is dependent on the particular candle vessel and must be adjusted accordingly.

Cast with the best wax

In order to produce a particularly good soy wax fragrance candle, we experimented with many soya waxes. The soy wax available in Germany is useless for a pure soy wax candle. The odor of these waxes is sometimes so strong that it always penetrates, even with the addition of fragrance. The slightly brownish color is very unsightly. The soya wax we use comes from the Midwestern United States. The soybean plants are cultivated on the best soil "sustainably" as catch crop and released for further processing for soya wax. Through multiple filtration, where foreign matter, natural dyes and odoriferous particles are screened out, it gets its pure white color that we leave so. The viscosity is also very fine. This is noticeable because liquid wax on the skin does not become firm again.

Pure cotton wicks

The offer of different candle stews is very large. Out of this diversity, we decided on a cotton wick woven as a stabilizer, paper threads. Since soy wax burns at a fairly low temperature, this is not enough to make a conventional wick burn out. The wicks we use are very loosely woven and need a stabilizer to prevent them from kinking. In our tealight glasses, we process wicks with plant fibers as a stabilizer. The most widely used wick, with the best properties, is one with metal threads. But we did not want to do it that easy and so we kept searching and experimenting. Fortunately, in Germany, we have one of the largest manufacturers of technical yarns and wicks. He had the right solution ready for us. A pure natural product that matches our candles.

Natural scented oils

Since we attach great importance to sustainability and natural purity of our raw materials, of course, only special fragrance oils come in our candles. There is almost every scent to buy as perfume or essential oil on the market. But here again we set special standards. Our essential fragrance oils come from a manufactory in Illinois USA. The compositions created there are used u.a. in shampoo, body lotion, baby oil, baby lotion, lipstick and face cream. They are very intense but not intrusive and smell nature fast. Together with our soybean / beeswax blend, these fragrances are an experience. This is also proven by test reports of some product testers.

Decorated with much devotion

By using particularly beautiful colors, we also give our candle holders their own touch. Our candles are handcrafted from start to finish. To decorate the finished products, we use ribbons and loops from a manufacturer in Bavaria.