We also attach great importance to the quality of our raw materials. This is what our soya wax, the raw material soy, comes from sustainably producing farmers from the Midwestern United States.

Only there is the best soil on which soy can thrive properly.


The fragrance essences used are not comparable with conventional fragrance oils. They are composed of natural extracts, and are also used

in such sensitive products as: baby oil, baby lotion, baby shampoo and skin care products.

The fact that our fragrance oils are a pure natural product, we notice already when opening the concentrate bottle. The typical pungent smell of a concentrate is just not there.

This is noticeable especially with the finished scented candle. A lovely fragrance, not intrusive but absolutely authentic, unfolds its magic, especially after lighting.


By using 100% cotton wicks, we give our soya wax candles that certain something.

The woven-in stabilizers consist of metal threads in conventional cotton wicks. These wicks were actually designed for natural waxing

and are recommended for soya wax candles. Since allergy sufferers react when burning these wicks, we have experimented with a product that has paper threads or vegetable fibers as a stabilizer.

By adding beeswax, we can now use the wicks, which are "more sustainable" in our eyes.


Our candles can also be used again after the candle burns down. That's why we opted for glasses with lids.

So that our candles can be used safely, we glue the wicks in the vessels. Thus we achieve that the wick does not burn out

and before self-extinguishment, not soot segregates.


With a candle from Lilygardencandles, you get a natural, long-lasting, and handmade product that you can use without hesitation.



Enjoy the Light .... our soy wax candles look so beautiful by candlelight. That's pure cosiness.

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